Treating Asthma

Asthmastics usually bring asthma inhalers with them. In case of asthmatic attack, the inhaler is crucial to provide immediate therapy. An attack is an emergency and should be given prompt attention lest the condition may worsen.

Asthma inhalers have ingredients that relieve the inflamed lungs and respiratory parts that become constricted during an asthma attack. Bronchospasm is the most common effect of an attack. Inhalers take immediate effect on the airways thus is more preferred than oral medications.

Beside the asthma inhaler, there are also other treatments available. The type of treatment, however, is a case to case basis. You should always consult with your doctor on which type of treatment is most appropriate for you. Treatment for a person is not always the right one for another. It always depends on the causes, triggers, risk factors, severity of condition, and over all health of the person. Every person should be closely monitored after seeing a doctor so that proper treatment and care is given to the asthmatic person. There should be a asthma management plan worked out with your doctor.

A good treatment plan may include being desensitized from agents that cause the signs of asthma. Others may require certain medications that are meant to control the severity and frequency of the attacks.

Since asthma is a chronic condition, there is no absolute cure for it. The best thing you can do is to find a treatment plan that is most appropriate to your specific condition. Work out a management plan that will prevent asthma attacks and give emergency cure when one happens.Your plan should both be to prevent and to provide immediate relief.

Ensure that you understand the uses and precautions of inhalers and nebulizers. Be guided accordingly on how to properly use each agent and what are the emergency measures to watch out for. Have an open communication with your doctor and ask all the questions and doubts you have in mind. Clarify all issues and seek proper advice. Do not self-medicate and do not presume. It is always best to be safe. Ask and make sure you understand.

Treating asthma is possible and can be effective if one only knows how to ask and seek prompt guidance from authorized persons like the doctor and care provider such as a nurse who is experienced and well-trained with asthma cases. It can also help to research and read materials and seek clarifications as needed.

Natural Asthma Treatment – Sea Salt and Water

One of the most powerful natural asthma treatment may be found in your own kitchen! Sea salt and water intake is a potent alternative for asthma therapy. The next time you have an asthma attack, try putting a pinch of sea salt under your tongue, and drink a large glass of water. If this does not work immediately, do not panic. Try another of salt with another glass of warm water.

Sea salt is a very powerful natural antihistamine. It can also be used in an inhaler, without the harmful side effects of most medical drugs. Taking a pinch of sea salt along with the water helps to break up the mucus plugs in the lungs, get rid of the sticky phlegm and stop that persistent dry cough that mostly accompanies asthma attacks. It is also a natural antiseptic that helps your body to fight off germs and bacteria and helps to keep your body’s electrolytes in a healthy balance.

Many people are also unknowingly suffering from dehydration. In today’s hectic lifestyle, many people are not drinking enough water. To make matters worse, they routinely drink coffee and tea in place of pure water. Drinks like coffee and tea are diuretics which make your body lose even more water. When you do not drink enough water to properly hydrate your body, your air passages tend to close in an attempt to keep water from escaping as vapor. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated will address this problem.

Begin drinking half of your body weight every day in ounces of water (recommended at least 8 glasses of water a day) and take a little bit of natural sea salt along with the water. Allow your body to get accustomed to this routine by making sure that you do not drink a whole gallon of water in one sitting. Split up the drinking throughout the day so that your body is able to properly absorb the water and you do not flood your system all at one time. This will keep your body hydrated throughout the day, and ward off asthma attacks naturally.

If you have been doing this routine daily, and the asthma condition has not improved, perhaps, it is time to look at other possible causes as well. Work related asthma is a common cause for many people, and warrants further investigation on your part.

10 Similarities Between Social Media Marketing and Good Champagne

Social Media Marketing and Champagne have a lot in common. Oddly enough, in researching Champagne, one finds some interesting similarities between good Champagne and a good Social Media Marketing program.Champagne is a symbol of “the good life.” It’s for celebrations, anniversaries, holidays and everything in between. Social Media has taken over small businesses marketing programs and when done well, it too is a symbol of “the good life” as social media can help a business’s bottom line.Here are 10 similarities between good Champagne and good social media.1. Champagne is unique; there is nothing else like it. This is the same with your own social media marketing program. Be unique; set you and your brand apart.2. Champagne became renowned because of its association with French kings. European Royalty marketed the message of the sparkling wine from Champagne and hence its association with luxury and power. With this type of marketing, you have the opportunity to be the “royalty” in your niche. Speak with authority; show that you are a leader in your field. Market what you know and have a sound strategy.3. Champagne is a toast to optimism. That’s what makes social media different from traditional media. It too is quite optimistic. This type of marketing highlights the good, the happy and the successes.4. Scientists suggest that there should be 49 million bubbles in every bottle. This fact is not of any particular worth, other than it is a really interesting fact to throw in ~ something to mention when you have your next glass of Champagne.5. When opening a bottle of Champagne, the sheer pressure inside the bottle can cause the cork to shoot into orbit. When you do social media right, you too can experience the explosion of the cork as your message goes viral. What a wonderful feeling that is!6. What is your unique flavor profile? There is a range of sweetness levels in Champagne. Each producer creates a unique flavor profile. Consider this as you write your posts – while you might be communicating items that others have already covered, by using your unique flavor profile you can give your post a twist that no one else can.7. What is your style? Are you choosing “light and crisp” or “rich and creamy?” These are the two “styles” of Champagne. You might think of “light and crisp” as lots of little posts covering a variety of topics. “Rich and creamy” could be more in-depth, more exploratory.8. Everyone knows Champagne ages well. Your social media marketing should age just as well. A good program will serve you well for a very long time. The process to make Champagne is neither quick nor easy. It’s time consuming from start to finish – a lot of thought and experience has been put into the process. It’s important that you run your program the same way. While this type of marketing will not cost you a lot of money, if done well, it will cost you a lot of your time, especially in the beginning. But the time put in will pay off in the long run!9. In France there are 17 villages that have been honored with the title of Grand Cru, while 40 villages share the title of Premier Cru. It’s the village, not the individual vineyard, which receives the designation. Social media success comes from being part of a community, your niche. It requires the building of relationships and connecting with others. By being an active member of your community you will reap the marketing rewards that this type of marketing can bestow.10. The making of good Champagne requires an extraordinary amount of effort and skill – from selecting the grapes and blending the wines (most Champagnes are blends) to fermenting it twice to aging it for at least a year and a half. It does not happen overnight. Success in social media does not happen overnight either. In the beginning it is not easy, there is a learning curve and you need to have the passion to make it happen. You have to put out the effort.Those who make Champagne are passionate about the process they use. They are prepared to invest their time, impart their knowledge and work their hardest to make sure they provide the world with a wonderful product. Just like good Champagne, when done well your social media program will sparkle and you too, will have the opportunity to enjoy the success of this type of marketing program.