Massage Therapy Benefits For Kids

One of the most fascinating things about massages is that it is not restricted to people of a certain age. Anyone regardless of age and sex can reap the benefits of massage therapy. Even though this practice is generally utilized by adults, parents of new born babies and little children are also joining the ranks. These parents actively seek this form of alternative therapy in order to ensure proper upbringing of their loved ones.

The techniques for alternative massage therapy are generally the same for babies and children alike. However, the difference lies in the proper handling and also in the magnitude of benefits they provide for children of different ages.

Alternative Massage Therapy for Babies

Infant massages demand extreme care and attention as they have a direct impact on the human brain. There are a plethora of benefits of this specialized form of touch. Infant massages are helpful in enhancing a baby’s physical, emotional, mental and social development. They create a strong bond between parent and child as the baby gets exposed to the sense of gentle touch. Moreover, it is very effective in helping premature babies gain weight. It improves motor development in cocaine-exposed infants and facilitates the breathing function of babies experiencing asthma. Such babies show positive gains in behavior and a decline in anxiety and stress hormone, Cortisol after massage treatment.

Babies tend to cry a lot as it is their only means of expressing themselves during the early stages of infancy. A gentle massage can soothe a crying baby and also relieve any colic, circulatory and digestive ailments. Furthermore, it helps new parents become comfortable with their child so it is a win-win situation for everyone. A thirty minute massage session for the baby should be a part of every parent’s daily routine.

Alternative Massage Therapy for Children

Pediatric massage differs from infants in many ways and offers numerous benefits. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder also known as ADHD, is a rapidly rising psychiatric disorder among children. A general estimate puts 3-7% of all school-age children and adolescents as sufferers of ADHD. Studies have proven massage therapy as an effective tool to counter this disorder. A recent study revealed that adolescent boys who received 10-15 minutes of daily massage alternative therapy showed improved focus and less fatigue. They also rated themselves happier and showed remarkable signs of positive mood.

Long Term Benefits of Alternative Therapy

Another long term benefit of pediatric massage therapy is that it thwarts any potential problems that the child may encounter during his adult life. Marybetts Sinclair, one of the pioneers in pediatric massages is a massage therapist and writes about her own experiences on working with adults. She noted that many problem experiencing adults could have been effectively dealt with massage therapy during their childhood.

Trigger points from childhood injuries can cause pain and muscle stiffness in adult life. A birth injury that never healed could in turn cause structural problems. Some kids go through emotional trauma which if left untreated follows them in their adult life. All of this, according to Sinclair, can be prevented through alternative massage therapy.

The best part about alternative massage therapy is that it is a completely natural solution to numerous problems and does not require the use of any prescription drugs or medication. It is 100% safe and has no adverse side effects whatsoever making it ideal for children of all ages.

Why You Should Go for Hijama Therapy

Though primarily discovered to cure body pain only, now this ancient therapy proved beneficial for curing several health conditions. Scientific researchers have shown that it works like magic on migraines and the back pain. The therapy is effective in healing many clinical manifestations of external pathogens, which harbors at the level of the skin. The Hijama releases toxins; de acidifies tissues, and boosts blood circulation. It releases harmful chemicals from the body, which reduce stress and depression.

This procedure involves creating negligible pressure to the internal organ. It can be applied at anywhere in the body. However, it is mostly performed at the site of pain, though the traditional method tells about using it only six optimal points of the body.

Diseases that can be cured by the Hijama Therapy are as follows:-

1. Back pain

2. Arthritic Pain

3. Hair Loss

4. Asthma

5. Skin problem

6. Fertility problem

7. Stomach problems

8. Migraines

9. Headache

10. Period Pain

11. Injuries

12. Cellulite

13. Fatigue

14. Anemia

15. Depression

16. Emotional problems

17. Atrophy

18. Sciatica

19. Common cold and Flu

20. Weight loss and many more

As per the Islamic prophet, Hijama is the best remedy. Latest Science proved that this therapy strengthen the immune system. Sufficient flow of nutrition to the affected tissues, stimulation of blood and lymph flow is the basis of curing so many health problems. Hijama also activates the function of the organs; it can be used for treating liver and kidney disorders as well.

The therapy is based on cupping. At ancient era, horns were used as cups, but now the metal, glass or plastic cups are used. Some therapists, even use machines, instead of the cups.

However, this therapeutic procedure warns against over cupping. Traditionally cupping was used only at six optimal points of the body, to clean the entire cardiovascular system.

The traditional Hijama Method is as follows:-

The traditional method confers that pain occurs in the body due to stagnation of blood and Qi or the body energy. The location of cupping is shaved at first, to make certain the tight seal of the cup with the skin. A small piece of paper or cotton is burned inside the vessel, to make it sterile. This also makes the vessel stick to the skin, which is necessary to accomplish this process.

The modern therapeutic use two types of cupping, the dry cupping and the wet cupping.

1. As per the dry cupping, only the cups are placed with suction. An Incision is not made so the blood is not removed from the skin.

2. The wet cupping is the procedure that says about creating incisions, after placing of the suction cup. It lets out the blood and pus from the body.

Cups that are used for Hijama to create a pulling power in the skin. It causes pain reduction and mobilizes the immune system, which makes it strong and releases energy.

Oxygenation Therapy – Is it Hoax, Hype Or Hope?

Could there be any truth to the claim that:

Heart disease, Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s … and many diseases can be reversed or healed within a few weeks without taking dangerous medications or expensive, invasive surgery?

Actually, that’s only just a few of the diseases. Also included are:

Parkinson’s disease,


Rheumatoid arthritis,




Periodontal disease,

Multiple Sclerosis,

Acne and many others, even the flu.

But before we go any further we need to set the record straight. We’re only at the beginning of this article and you’ve already seen some Really Big Claims. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? And if I were you I’d be wondering …

Is Oxygenation Therapy: Hoax, Hype or Hope?

I know how you feel. And you are absolutely right to ask that question. I didn’t believe the claims were true when I first heard about the so-called – …”World’s Greatest Healing Miracle of All Time” as this Oxygenation Therapy is called in various places on the internet.

How could these claims possibly be true? And I admit I was very skeptical. Why haven’t I heard about this so-called “cure” before? However, this healthy dose of skepticism lead me to a great deal of investigation.

I scoured the internet looking for as much information about the treatment as I could find. I kept reading mostly positive things bout “Oxygenation Therapy” but there was just no way I could believe these claims were true unless I saw results with my own two eyes. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. At least that’s what they say. But is it really true?

Scientific studies prove that in the presence of sufficient amounts of oxygen in the blood and cells, all disease-causing microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, toxins and pathogens are eradicated.

However, in order for oxygen to eradicate disease, it must be delivered not just to the lungs and not just to the bloodstream… – but to the cells and tissues of the body.

The problem is that most humans are NOT able to get proper amounts of oxygen in their cells and tissues. This is due partly to:

– poor air quality

– poor breathing habits

– cooking and over-processing of our foods

– unrestrained antibiotic use

– oxygen-depleting activities.

Deep breathing won’t get the proper amount of oxygen to the cells and tissues either because… Only 15% of the oxygen you inhale is absorbed into the bloodstream. Oxygenation Therapy, simply stated, brings the cells and tissues of the body to an oxygen-rich state. It does this by directly introducing pure oxygen molecules into your body for your cells.

This is called Oxygenation therapy or Bio-oxidative therapy. The oxygenation therapy stimulates the movement of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the cells and tissues of the body. It does this to a greater degree than is usually reached by other means, thus creating an oxygen-rich environment. This oxygen-rich environment in the body kills diseased cells. (Most bacteria, fungus and virus are highly intolerant of oxygen).

At the same time, this oxygen-rich environment in the body simultaneously … Rejuvenates and revitalizes healthy cells. – The healthy cells are able to survive and multiply more rapidly. – This creates a stronger immume system. A stronger immune system allows Nature’s Most Powerful Healer (the body) to function properly and ward off disease. And, at the same time… Creates vibrant energy and a feeling of well-being.

This scientifically proven therapy doesn’t “cure” any disease, but… Creates an environment within the body where disease cannot thrive.

The Body is then able to CURE ITSELF of virtually all diseases!